Patience Is The Key To Success Essay Titles

What is patience? Basically, patience is waiting with difficulties. It's confidence in yourself, with a good feeling of hope. It takes place during some difficult circumstances.

When a person says to himself calming words such as “it's going to be ok”, “every thing will be alright”, “I know that it will get better soon” or even a prayer will help you to be patient. It's convincing yourself with soothing and assuring remarks, where you can wait for results with ease.

patience is very difficult at times, that is why it had been said that"patience is a virtue". It's something that people unfortunately don't have a lot of. Most of the people who are incapable to doing things on their own, such as people confined to a wheel chair tend to be more patient than those who are capable.

Just imagine a fully capable person who is hungry, or poor, big chance that person will steal instead of looking for a job, or be patient and pray that God will change things for them for the better. Incapability of doing things on your own, teaches a person to be patient.

I was talking to a friend of mine by the name Jay who is a proud member of Wealth Creations Network just like me. Jay is partially paralyzed and confined to a wheel chair due to an accident twenty years ago. We brought up the subject of patience. He asked me if I knew which people are the most patient and explained to me that the ones who are confined to a wheel chair are the most patient, because they are helpless where they had to learn to be patient, since they
are incapable to doing things on their own.

Being incapable teaches a person to be patient. But, this is like an imposed patience, where you have no choice but to do so. I wanted to focus on how to learn to be patient.

One easy way, is to teach our children to be patient, where they have it as a habit when they grow up. Patience and discipline comes hand in hand. Patience could be a habit taught at a younger age.

If a person is brought up inpatient, it means bad news. Why? Because you first have to brake this habit of being inpatient, which takes time but could be done. Remember! You have to be patient to become patient!

When a person endures time in difficult situation, it does not mean he or she should just sit there and wait for magic to happen to change it. Patience is doing something about the situation and wait for the result of what you did to fix it. Lets not mix patience with neglecting time.

Just listen to what people around the world and from all cultures say about patience.

-Patience is a virtue.
-Good thing comes to those who wait.
-Patience is the key to success.
-Those who are patient gets the best of what they deserve.
-If you try to learn to be patient, the world opens up to you.
-Be patient, and that patience will be rewarded.

Patience does magic with everything. Whether in loosing weight, quitting smoking, raising children or in any unexpected difficult circumstance. Just keep in mind, that patience will work wonders if you give it the time it needs. Time is a big factor in being patient,so amuse yourself while waiting, walk in the park, visit a friend, read a book or even pray to know that you are not alone, God is there for. Just get your mind occupied with things that you like to do and makes you happy.

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Success is everybody’s dream. But what is the key to success? How can you be successful? In my post about defining successful people, I wrote that we should measure success based on how much we give rather than how much we receive. Fortunately, it also works nicely the other way around since those who give more almost always will also receive more.

Based on that, you can see that the more value you give to others, the more successful you will be. So how do you pave your way to success? How do you become more successful? The answer is amazingly simple. Here it is:

The key to success is making yourself as useful as possible to others.

That’s it. Making yourself as useful as possible to others.

If you focus on applying this, others will realize the value they get from you and they will attract more people to come to you. These new people will also realize the value they get from you and they will attract even more people to come to you. The virtuous cycle begins and you are now on your way to success.

With this principle in mind, you should aim at increasing your usefulness to others. How do you do that? Here are some ideas:

  1. Be observant of needs
    To be useful to others, you should always be aware of even the slightest clues of needs. The more sensitive you are to the needs of others, the more appreciative people will eventually become. The best scenario is being able to anticipate a need before the other people are even aware of it.
  2. Find solutions to the needs
    Now that you are aware of needs, the next step is finding solutions to them. The solutions you offer should be as useful as possible. To be able to do so, there is no other way but to continuously build your own value. It is from the value you have that you could give value to others.
  3. Be proactive to help
    Do not wait for the other person to ask for your help. Be proactive. Give your help even before they ask.
  4. Be sincere
    What matters is not only the solution you offer, but also the way you deliver it. Being sincere means being glad to help others without expecting anything in return. Make it your joy to give something to others. People can somehow distinguish whether or not you are sincere.
  5. Go the extra mile
    Doing the above four steps is good, but add this one if you can: give more than expected. First, give what is expected, and then add a little more. If you do the above four steps people will be appreciative, but if you add this one step they will be impressed.
Published on June 26, 2007
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