Nike Run London Case Study

Time Is Precious Case Study

Award: Wood Pencil

Wood Pencil / Integrated & Collaborative / Innovative Media / 2017

  • Agency Wieden+Kennedy
  • Client Nike Inc.

Bingeing shows, following famous families, and liking coworkers’ vacation photos has not just caused us to live vicariously through others—it’s made us addicted to our screens. For Nike, that’s a problem. It’s the antithesis of Just Do It. As a result, the brand set out to shake things up by disrupting this unproductive behavior and the audiences who get caught up in it, encouraging them instead to get outside and get moving.

Solution & Cultural Context:
You know there will be opinions on Twitter, zombies will die on The Walking Dead, and celebrities will be discussed in Us Weekly. Yet you still waste hours of time with these things. To stop this, we created short, text-based, contextual videos that spoil what people already know will happen. Bespoke videos were delivered in the medium where this unproductive behavior was most prevalent, each one ending with a call to action to get outside and train or run.

This campaign set out to disrupt unproductive bingeing and vicarious behavior in the places where it happens most. The results show we did just that. Our disruption of The Walking Dead finale generated over 20 million views across platforms and broke Nike’s record for Twitter engagement at 44%. In total, our films drove more than 80 million views on TV and another 120 million on social—that’s over 200 million disruptions that saved people time so they could get off their screen and get moving.

For three weeks around the holidays, every message was customized to the platform where audiences spend their time. This included social platforms like Instagram, and across reality shows, and programs like Access Hollywood and E! News. Messages were also targeted to cultural moments like The Walking Dead finale and The Bachelor premiere. US Weekly also featured a full page ad before the TOC that disrupted readers. Context was king for this campaign and played into every media decision.


Agency Producer

  • Matt Hunnicutt/Amy Berriochoa

Art Director

Audio Producer

  • Noah Woodburn/Natalie Hulzenga/Sarah Fink


Creative Director

  • Chris Groom/Antony Goldstein


  • Leticia Barajas/Leslie Warra/Alex Bernard

Digital Agency


  • Tim Arts/Stefan vsn den Boogaard


  • Eric Hill/JB Jacobs/Kevin Alfoldy/Mimi Bergen/Dylan Sylwester/Sarah Fink/Leslie Carthy


  • Henry Lambert/Zack Kaplan

Advertising Agency

Account Handler

  • Alyssa Ramsey/Luiza Prata Carvalho/Anna Boteva

Media Agency

  • John Furnari/Lisa Feldhusen


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The North London vs. South London divide exists. Really, it does: it is a marketing tool. It is a dangling carrot. It is the latest way to get Londoners running in this year's Nike 10km Run London event. Last year, Londonist was encouraged to join for far more individual and introspective reasons but this year, we're doing it to settle, once and for all which side of the river is the better London.

While last year the Nike 10km Run London event was all about, well, running the whole of London by holding simultaneous running events in Victoria Park, Hyde Park and Battersea Park, this year all the running will take place in Hyde Park, on Sunday 8 October. Those who sign up and get the official Nike 10km Run London chip for their shoes will be asked to join either the North or South London "teams" and on the day, will run in staggered (and possibly staggering) groups against one another.

The side that records the overall best time (from the collected times of all the individual runners in each team) will be declared the winner. And we will finally be able to move on from the endless debates about North London vs. South London and start a new fight in the pub about East london vs. West London...

The Nike 10Km Run London 2006 event takes place on Sunday 8 October in Hyde Park. To find out more about the event and to register go to the Nike Run London website here.

Not only has Nike injected a bit of healthy competition into this year's Run London event, the sports outfitters will be launching a new type of running shoe at the same time. What a massive, jaw-dropping coincidence! The new range is the Nike+ selection of footwear, sports clothes and accessories that are designed to accommodate and enhance the use of an iPod Nano during exercise.

Footwear in the Nike+ range has pockets to hold a sensor which sends information about your running speed and pace to a receiver you attach to your iPod Nano, which then can record all your running details, uploadable to Nike+ website for you to track your progress. The site also has a music section with downloads designed to help set your pace and increase your speed. For more information on the Nike+ range and how to use it as part of your running experience, go to the website here.

This Londonista has joined the Nike 10km Run London event and will be running for the North London team. Who is with me? And more importantly... who is against me?

Last Updated 19 July 2006

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