Chapter Dissertation In Literature Review

Outline for Literature Review
Topic 4: Literature Review

You have probably noted that there are many moving parts to a Literature Review. There are some steps that happen before others, some that seem to happen at the same time, and others that can happen during any phase of this process.

The outline to a Literature Review seems like it should come first. After all, you wouldn't just sit and start writing a review without a plan. However, there are two ways to look at the outline. One way is the general skeleton of what a literature review—the various sections—should look like. This is essentially what should go first, second and so on.

The second way, however, is to actually plug-in the specifics of the sections indicated on the general outline. For example, download the file called "Chapter 2 Outline" and take a look at the following section:

1st Topic
A.  Introduce the Topic – What you will present and why.
B.  Offer/present the evidence.
C.  Draw Conclusions. Tell us how it relates to your own study.

In this general outline, we know you complete A, B, and C for your first topic. But, until you actually have articles and literature around this topic, it can only exist in the general sense. This is why you should find your sources first, write paragraph summaries, complete the article summary table and use it as a guide for ordering your topics, ordering the literature within each topic, and the key evidence you will need to include. Your outline, then, becomes a specific one with usable information. See example below.

1st Topic: The influence of environment on childhood literacy
A.  Introduction of the key ways environment influences childhood literacy
B.  Findings on home and classroom as most critical environmental influences (Seli, 2009; Rueda, 2012; Sundt and Pascarella, 2010; and Dembo, 1998).
C.  Main conclusions are that teachers can influence classroom environment and relates to my study in the areas of technology as part of classroom environment.

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