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Time Management on a Students Academic Success

Jasmine B. Walker

Savannah State University


This paper explores 5 different published works that talk about a student's academic success, and issues that affect them. The most common issued this paper will discuss will be the effects of time management on a student's academic success. I will cover "what is time management?", how time management is effective, why students fail at time management, and skills to manage one's time more effectively to improve academic success. Concluding this paper will be how I deal with time management and how it affects my academic success.

There are many factors that determine and affect a student's academic success. The way a student organizes himself, peer pressure, procrastination, family issues, pregnancy, the issues are endless. One of the most common factors that affect a student's academic success is time management. Time management is your ability to plan and control how you spend your hours of the day. Do students consider themselves a more "go with the flow" individual? Or, do they function better when they have a planned schedule? This one factor can determine their academic success as a student depending on how you apply yourself.

Managing time is effective. Time management reduces the stress of procrastination. Working ahead of time or setting designated time slots for home work and studying can reduce the feeling of being rushed, which causes you to not do your best. Time management also creates discipline. Being in control of your day and your activities allows you to fully control your life, actions, and responsibilities. Managing your time allows students to learn more throughout the day. They are able to focus on one objective, and are efficient. Thus leading to your success. Time management is the key to success.

Students often fail at time management. The most common reason for failure is they often do not know how to manage time correctly. Another reason maybe that they feel something else is "more important" at the time so they put it off until the last minute. Lack of planning often leads to stress and procrastination. This also leads you to do poorly academically.

A student can improve his or her time management strategies just by learning some simple skills. Use a calendar or a To-Do list. This will help you...

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We know sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day, and that things fall to the wayside as a result. While this happens to the best of us every once in a while, students who struggle with time management on an ongoing basis don’t do themselves many favors. In this post, we cover some of the serious consequences that can happen when students don’t manage their time properly.

1. Procrastination

Procrastination is the most obvious result of poor time management. Students who don’t have control over their time end up letting tasks sit until the last minute – and then they feel a lot of stress when they try to play catch up. If you’ve let too many tasks sit, you might miss deadlines entirely.

2. Lower grades and test scores

If you’re having trouble balancing the demands of your course load and test prep with internships or clubs, you’ll likely find that both your academics and test performance will take a hit. When you don’t keep up with your studies, you’re less able to understand or engage with new material, so your lack of time management can create a bad cycle for your academic performance.

3. Chronic lack of sleep

Constantly staying up late to finish assignments that you should’ve done days ago will cut into your sleeping time. We know how important sleep is to college students, but poor time management can move sleep to the bottom of your list of priorities. This can result in fatigue and illness.

4. Unhealthy eating habits

When you sleep through breakfast because you stayed up too late the night before trying to meet an assignment deadline, you likely won’t get three meals that day. Missing a meal will typically prompt you to reach for snacks to make up for it – and many students end up reaching for junk food and other unhealthy options.

5. Lack of punctuality

If you can’t manage your time, you’re probably always late for things including your classes, your professors’ office hours, and scheduled appointments. Your lack of punctuality won’t make you look professional or polished. Keep in mind that people’s impressions of you matter, and that people do notice when you’re consistently unable to show up on time.


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