The Most Beautiful Place In The World Essay

When we want to escape from our daily routine, we decide to change our environment. The easiest way to reach this goal is traveling. We can go to another country or any exotic part of the world in order to provide our mind with the intensive rest. We can meet new people and get to know another culture, architecture, animals and plants. Moreover, we are able to travel to another climatic zone. For instance, if you are fed up with the snowy weather in your country, you can spend winter in Egypt or Spain. However, many experienced tourists have traveled so much that they are not satisfied with the well-known places of interest. They do not find Mexico or the Bahamas amusing anymore. They require something special and completely genuine. They are looking for fresh emotions and uncommon experience. In fact, it is impossible to find the most unusual place in the world in as much as there are thousands of spots of this kind on our planet. Thus, we will focus on several places that can be newsworthy and fascinating for different types of tourists.

If you are one of the devoted fans of J. R. R. Tolkien and the medieval architecture, you should definitely visit Le Mont St. Michel in France. You will easily notice that the directors of The Lord of the Rings were inspired by the look of this island when they designed the marvelous fortress of Gondor. Mont St. Michel consists of very old fortifications that date back to the 10th century. This system is located on the island in the mouth of the Couesnon River in Normandy. Mont St. Michel has served as one of the most reliable and undefeatable fortresses in Normandy and it protected the country from various enemies. Today, the place looks like a reservation, which makes it possible to take a look at the architecture of the medieval Europe.

Le Mont Saint-Michel

If you enjoy really uncommon, bloodcurdling and weird places, you should travel to Europe again. Czech Republic is known not just for its remarkable and spectacular Gothic architecture, but also for several extraordinary places like The Sedlec Ossuary in Kutná Hora. When you look at this small Roman Catholic chapel, you will never guess that you can find something eerie and scary inside of its walls. The chapel is situated on the old cemetery. As far as the land was very expensive, it was impossible to bury every citizen of Kutná Hora on this cemetery. As a result, quite a debatable decision was made. The old graves were exhumed periodically and new deceased were buried on their places. This procedure repeated many times; therefore, the chapel had accumulated about 60000 of skulls and bones of the exhumed corpses. In the 19th century, one woodcarver put the bones into order and made the chapel one of the most well-known places of interest in Czech Republic. He used bones for the creation of various installations. For instance, a chandelier, a coat of arms, etc. are made of bones. They impress and frighten at the same time. Of course, there are many similar places in Europe whereas the practice of exhumation was very popular in the medieval France, Spain, Italy, etc.

Many tourists do not enjoy historical places and ancient buildings. They prefer visiting a country regarding its natural environment. It is difficult to find something more admirable and majestic than Iceland. This country has become very popular and attractive recently due to its small density of population and enormous wild territories. You can find practically everything there. It is one of the few places on our planet where one can watch at the whales in their natural environment. Then, Iceland is known for its great number of geysers due to the intensive volcanic activity. You are able to see the best example of a classic looking volcano there! Next, there are magnificent and indigenous ‘colorful’ mountains and lava fields that cannot be found anywhere on Earth. Splendid ice caverns can be found in many corners of Iceland in as much as the country is covered with snow. Finally, this country is perfect for the observation of north light.

If you prefer something warmer and extreme, go to the Bahamas and take a risk diving in Dean’s Blue Hole, which is 663 ft deep. This natural blue hole is supposed to be the deepest one with the entrance below the sea level. An inexperienced diver will be afraid of the look of this blue hole that looks like a huge black spot on the water.

It is very hard to find the best place in the world for a smuch every tourist has his own preferences and expectations. Some people enjoy cultural and historical places while others prefer the natural environment and sports.

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Everyone has their favorite place, if it’s in their heads or in real life. This is about one of my favorite places. This place would be the place I’d always go to whenever I had the free time. Even if I didn’t, I’d take the project I was working on and finish it there. No one ever went to the place or did I tell them where I was going so I was all alone in complete solitude.

I used to live on a farm, out where no one could see. When you step outside you will see never ending acers of farm crops, dry land, and small patches of woods scattered at the edge properties. However, there was a trail biking trail a couple miles away despite the lack of people. I would go to this trail every day, alone.

On my walk there I would memorize my surroundings, the cracked abandoned roads until I knew every pot hole and split in the pavement. To both of my sides were deep, dry ditches with knee high grass that sways in the wind. These ditches were rather ugly, spots of the grass were dead with chemicals or hideous weeds would pop out making the ditch look even more unkempt.

Only on occasion would a car bounce by me, making me snap out of my self-consumed dream, scaring me to making me cautious. That didn’t last very long, I’d slip right back into that comfortable place where if felt like I was invisible. I’d continue to stare at my feet, only paying attention to the ground under them. Then, look up for a second to see how far I walked or where my next turn was.

Right next to the opening of the trail was a giant house. This house was four stories and twelve windows just on one of the faces. This house intimidated me, the flacking paint to the missing stones one the chimney. I always felt foolish walking fast to escape the presence of this house, but the way is sat there made it look like it was alive, watching anyone that passed by. I made sure that a kept away from it because I thought if I got too close it would come alive and attack me. This again made me feel irrational for thinking a house could come alive and hurt me. I didn’t what to find out “rather safe than sorry” right?

When leaving the horrific house I’d enter the trail, this was nothing like the beginning of the trip. This had a paved strip that never curved and never had one stone out of place. At either sides had deep beautiful ditches, healthy grass with colorful flowers sprinkled randomly. As I would get deeper into the path the number of trees would increase, first there would be a neat line, then would gradually add more and more trees until you would walk through a full forest.

If you would walk a couple more miles, you’d come upon a small bridge. What’s under this bridge was my favorite place. Declining through trees and tall grass would be a little place to sit under. I’d rest on stones that had been washed up by the stream, they were small and comfortable. Looking at the fish in the water was the most peaceful thing you have ever experienced. Looking at an animal in its natural habitat, watching it and trying to understand what it must be feeling was so calming. Just watching the soft wrinkles flow through the water.

Looking up through the grass was more interesting than you would think. Would see a lot more things that you wouldn’t see looking down at it. For example all the bugs and hidden flowers, the skunks, muskrats and wood chucks, but my most favorite, was deer that would wonder alone the water’s edge. Occasionally they would be followed by fauns awkwardly trying to keep up. Not being spooked by my presence because they knew I was a harmless animal that wouldn’t think of hurting another.

This is my favorite place because I view it as the most peaceful place I have encountered. This always made me happy no matter had happened or what the weather was. This place made me forget about the bad and think positively for my life and the future. It made me feel like time or other manmade items weren’t invented. Felt like there was no hatred or suffering in the world, this is the happiest place for me and I loved it.

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