Path To Success Walkthrough Doctoral Dissertation Defense

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Re:Welcome to Path To Success forum

Hey ginebra78, to get a University Degree, you must go to the University (bottom left corner, next to the cafe) and take one of the classes.

donnagq, you may want to take a look at this help article for some troubleshooting steps that might help with the saving issue: Save Errors. If that doesn't help, please get in touch with Tech Support. (Click on the bold words for more information)

goodbigirl24, to lower the tired bar, you must rest. This is an option given to you at home, but if you don't have that option available yet, you must sleep until you advance far enough in the game to rest.

Hope this helps!



Re:Welcome to Path To Success forum

How do you write a doctoral Dissterion??
Oh and how do you go sailing from the boating club thingy?
I can't figure it out!!


Re:Welcome to Path To Success forum

how do i take my yacht sailing and how do i write a doctorial dissertation?


Re:Welcome to Path To Success forum

how do i get a degree in physical fitness

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