Leathersellers Scholarship Essay

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The Leathersellers’ Company Scholarship awards students on full-time undergraduate or postgraduate courses within the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies. Awards vary in size but have been between £500 and £3000.

To apply you must have evidence of high-quality work, demonstrated through academic achievement or industry experience.

Eligible courses are:

Please contact the Institute for Creative Leather Technologies for further information.

The following awards are also available to those on studying Fashion or Footwear and Accessories

  • Leathersellers’ Graduate Designer of the Year Award, for the best and most creative use of leather in a collection: £1,500
  • Leathersellers’ Second Year Prize, for the most promising use of leather: £1,000
  • Leathersellers’ Internship, to support one or two exceptional first or second year students towards the costs of an internship in the leather industry: £1,500

Terms and Conditions

For further information please see the Scholarship Terms and Conditions page.

These are the questions you will be asked on the application form. Please note this is for information only so you can prepare your responses. We will only accept applications made via the online application process. Any application forms emailed or posted to us will be discarded.

A1         Organisation Name

              Also known as (if applicable)

A2         Organisation Address

A3         Contact Name

A4         Job Title

A5         Contact Address

A6         Contact email address

A7         Contact Telephone Number

A8         Organisation Telephone Number

A9         Charity Website

B1         Please select the entry which best describes your organisation

B2         Charity Registration Number

B3         Please describe the aims and objectives of your organisation and the services you provide

B4         If your organisation has applied for funding from The Leathersellers’ Company before, please list the date, amount requested, what the funding was for, and the application outcome

Ensure all applications by your charity are listed here, including those that were unsuccessful

B5         If you or your organisation have any connection to The Leathersellers’ Company, the Leather Trade or if you have been invited to apply by a member of the Livery, please give details here

C1         Which type of grant do you wish to apply for

              If you are applying through the Main Grant Programme please specify the total number of years to be funded

C2         Project Title

C3         Project Description

C4         Annual amount requested from The Leathersellers’ Company

C5         Total Annual Project Cost

C6         What other funders have you applied to for this project

C7         Which category best describes your project

C8         Choose the area that will benefit most from your Project

D1         Accounts for year end

D2         Total Annual Income

D3         Total Annual Expenditure

D4         Free Reserves

D5         How much was spent by your organisation on fundraising

D6         Additional Financial Information

E1          If you wish to attach supporting documents (e.g. Project Budget or Job Description) you may do so here

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