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ScholarStudio provides extraordinary support for academic writers at all stages of the academic lifecycle: admissions, coursework, thesis production, thesis defense / viva, publication, tenure. 


ScholarStudio writing consulting can help you thrive if:
  • You want to work at the intersection of mentoring, instruction, and editing.
  • You want external accountability.
  • You want conceptual, stylistic, and organizational feedback.​​
  • You are struggling to navigate academic culture.
  • You are stuck or struggling in your work process.​
  • You are juggling multiple projects: dissertation, job searches, work, teaching, parenting, and more.
  • You are neurodiverse. 

I look forward to working with you.




No matter where you come from 

Brigham Young University
​Babson College
​Boston University 
CUNY Graduate Center 
Drexel University 
Florida Atlantic University
Florida International University 
George Fox University 
Harvard University 
Johns Hopkins University 
Kansas State University
Lewis & Clark College
​Northwestern University
Oregon Health & Science University 
Pacific University
Penn State University​
Portland State University
Reed College 
Simmons College
University of Colorado
University of Florida, Gainesville 
University of Illinois, Chicago
University of Maryland 
​University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
University of Texas, San Antonio

Cambridge University, U.K.
​Cardiff Metropolitan University School of Management, Wales 
Imperial College, U.K. 
​Islamic Azad University, Iran 
Lancaster University, U.K.
Keio University, Japan
King's College London, U.K.  
Norwegian School of Theology, Norway
Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands
Royal Roads University, Canada  
​St Francis Xavier University, Canada
Trinity College, Dublin
University of Alberta, Canada
University of Bonn, Germany
University of Groningen, Netherlands
University of Holland
University of the West Indies
University van Tilburg, Netherlands
University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland
York University, Canada
The Zinman College of Physical Education, Israel

or what you're working on

Business Administration * Civil Engineering * Conflict Resolution * Counseling Psychology * Design * Economics * Education * English * Environmental Science * History * Humanities * International Business * Linguistics * Literature  * Nursing Management * Medicine * Occupational Therapy * Psychology * Public Administration and Policy * Public Health * Religion, Society and Global Issues * Sociology * Speech Language Audiology * Sustainability Leadership * Systems Science * Theology * Urban Planning * World Languages

We are committed to helping you succeed

What If We Told You We could Get You Dissertation Coaching like You’ve Never Had It before? With a Personal Dissertation Tutor Always Just an Email Away?

Have you cried in your pillow over how your supervisor treated you during the last meeting, hardly giving any concrete instructions about how to fix your drafts?

Were you unlucky when your university assigned you a supervisor for dissertation coaching and you got the worst of the deal?

Do you think your supervisor doesn’t have enough time for you and your work, meeting you only once every few weeks?

Do you feel the help you are getting from your supervisor isn’t enough, and that you need a dissertation tutor who could be more easily reached?

There are a number of problems when it comes to relying entirely on university assigned supervisors. They are experienced and knowledgeable, and sometimes kind, too, but they have little time to spare for each of the research students they are supposed to be supervising. Since they have a number of other duties to undertake at the university, and a number of students to cater, they can’t possibly give you the personal attention you and your drafts require – and deserve.

You Need an Expert Coach to Guide You through Every Step of Your Project. You Need a Truly Dedicated and Personal Dissertation Tutor!

Consider this: What if we could give you an expert in your research field who…

…is always only an email away?

…is available for consultation around the clock?

…is dedicated full-time only to your project?

…will guide you how to design your study, conduct it, and prepare your dissertation?

…will keep you motivated to finish your dissertation until the end?

Wouldn’t that be just brilliant?

How Does Dissertation Coaching Work?

Our dissertation coaching service works in a simple three-step process.

Get in touch with us and tell us all about the misery you’re going through. Write in detail and tell us everything you can about the kind of coaching you need.

We will get back to you right away and ask for more information should we need it and, upon receiving all the important answers, email you a payment link.

Once payment is made, we will assign your dissertation tutor and they will get in touch with you via email.

Your assigned coach will stay in touch with you until a satisfactory end to the phase for which you bought the coaching service. Your coach will be your tutor, your shoulder to cry on, a beacon to guide you through the various problems you might face on your way, or even a friend to hear you out and keep you motivated to finish your work with focus and good quality within your deadline.

In short, your coach will guide you to manage your dissertation with efficiency and not get trampled by the beast.

1. You email us your coaching needs.

2. We will write back to get more details and give you a price quote.

3. You pay for the service and get a dedicated expert coach

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