Lil Jay Otf Dissertation

King Lil Jay, also known as "Clout Lord", or "#00", famous rapper and an Insane Gangster Disciple from the set STL/EBT. He was formally a Black Disciple from 5th Ward. He then moved to Jaro City. He then became a member of STL/EBT and became an Insane Black Disciple. Lil Jay was good friends with Lil JoJo from Bricksquad. After the death of Lil JoJo, and his close friend Lil Jeff, Lil Jay became an Insane Gangster Disciple. Sometime during the JoJo World movement, Lil Jay allegedly wanted to become a member of Bricksquad. However, beef between STL and Bricksquad started to get intense. After moving from 5th Ward, but before he became affiliated with Jaro City, Lil Jay wanted to become a member of 600. However, it didn't sit well with anyone from 600 because Lil Jay was already known to have been hanging out with guys like Lil Darrell and Gucci. After not being able to be a member of 600, Lil Jay then became fully affiliated with the other side. Some time in 2011 during the brief truce between Jaro City and 600, D'Thang also robbed Lil Jay and told him to not hang out on King Drive anymore. Based off of the fact that Lil Jay knows almost all 600 members on a personal level because of the fact that he wanted to be a member is the reason for Lil Jay's personal hate towards 600 and vice versa. Over time, 600's hate for Lil Jay got deeper when he dissed them in multiple songs, and slapped Emily from the female set PNP. This resulted in EDai putting money on Lil Jay's head, which then resulted in him becoming a target from all over. Around late 2014, Lil Jay and FBG Butta stole money from FBG Duck and a chain from King Yella. FBG Duck then robbed FBG Butta and got King Yella's chain back, and got Lucky and other members of STL to jump Lil Jay, even though they wanted to kill him. Lil Jay then left the rap group FBG, and started his own group which goes by the name "WTO", which stands for "We The Opps". Lil Jay is currently incarcerated, and has accused FBG Butta on snitching on him. Lil Jay is also the cousin of Lil Dutty from PBG and FBG Butta.

People Shot At:

  1. Dion (TYMB)
  2. Day Day(Lamron)
  3. Tay 600(600)
  4. BallOut(Lamron)
  5. T. Roy(O'Block)
  6. DooWop(NLMB)
  7. OTF Ikey(O'Block)
  8. J Da Kidd(MitchBlock)

Около часа, говоришь? - хмуро спросил.  - А что ты скажешь о проверках пределов памяти, которые мы выполняли. Сьюзан пожала плечами.

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