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Sports Science Personal Statement

Studying Sports Science at Advanced Level has confirmed that a sports related career is the path I would love to follow. At GCSE, I was able to gain an in-depth understanding of not only the physical side of PE, but also the theory, which has now been developed by my A level studies...

Sports Science Personal Statement

When I was sixteen years old, after completing my Junior Certificate, (Irish equivalent of GCSE's), I made plans to do my Leaving Certificate and go on to University. However life did not produce as planned...

Sports Science Personal Statement

I feel the time I have spent out of education has allowed me to mature in a way in which I didn't realise possible. Mainly due to the experiences thrown at me, which I have had to deal with, cope with and most challenging of all, learn to live with...

Sports Science Personal Statement

Success in my school studies and outside interests has given me a secure foundation to embark on a degree course in sport with confidence and excitement I have thoroughly enjoyed studying physical education at G...

Sport has always been a massive part of my life ever since I started playing football at the age of seven. I have played at many different levels ranging from school football to playing for my league select and representing my region...

Sport Science & Geography Personal Statement

Within the first year of secondary school, I realised that Geography and PE were by far my favourite and strongest subjects. My favourite area of PE is contemporary issues such as the role that government and media play in sport and the way that tribal societies have used sport as an everyday means of survival...

Sports Psychology Personal Statement

At age ten I had been to 12 different countries, across 3 continents, getting a taste of a multiculturalism that would taint my life to the present day. The experience of a nomadic upbringing It inspired analysis from a young age...

Sports and Exercise Science Personal Statement

From a very early age i had a profound interest in sports, participating in teams such as the school football team and the local Sunday league team. I also enjoyed swimming and Tae Kwon Do, achieving gold in swimming and black belt in Tae Kwon Do...

Sport Science Personal Statement

I have always been an athlete, however, over the past two years I have; through discipline and dedication, transformed from a varsity long distance runner to an advanced powerlifter. One of the rewarding parts of this lifestyle is looking back to see how far I've come...

Business Personal Statement

I am a focused person who puts his all into everything I set my heart on, and with my life I have set up ways in which I will go about achieving the goals and targets I have set myself. In addition, I have made back up plans and smart targets which will help me to move on in case there’s a hump or trouble in the road/path I have set for myself...

Sports Science Personal Statement

Sport has always been a massive part of my life ever since I started playing football at the age of seven. I have played at many different levels ranging from school football to playing for my league select and representing my region. Football is my main interest, besides the fact I enjoy other sports such as Badminton, basketball, volleyball and many more. I have had experience in these sports having participated in many during physical education at school, a subject which has played a big part in my school career. The things I enjoy about sport are that it needs a lot of dedication and hard work to be successful, as well as sport being very demanding and challenging. As a result in my interest in sport I want to study the subject further in education. I have played sport ever since I was young and still play it now, and still feel so emphatic in wanting to learn more about the subject. Sport being a key factor of my life, being very interested and driven to teach the subject, I am willing to succeed into studying sport further and give back to the subject to what I learned out of it

For my work experience with the school, I went to Airdrie Leisure Centre, where I worked a sport related working environment. During my week at Airdrie Leisure Centre I tackled day to day tasks and also organising sporting events and programmes. I fully enjoyed working that week as I could get an insight on what is expected and how to handle the pressure on making sure things got done on time. The work experience week helped, as I knew from then on that I wanted to do something related to sport in future education. I will always look forward to dealing with anything related to sport, as I learn about the subject I just want to go out and try out what I have been learning. Having the skill of determination and high level of commitment in need to be successful in doing any course, but especially for this course as sport is challenging and is always has different situations to deal with. The career I have in mind is to allow in the path of Teaching. Physical Education would be the ideal teaching career I would like to follow, able to teach young children and being able to give back what I learned from my experience. The main reason for wanting to teach is that I want people to see the subject the way I see it and the way I enjoy it. After the completion of this course, my aim is to pass this course on view on doing a one year post graduate degree. My target will be to become a Physical Education teacher, after all my course has been passed successfully

With work experience I learned many important skills in how to be successful. Communication a very important skill in which nothing runs smoothly without good communication. Also listening to others around you and taking their advice is another key factor in achieving my goals. Working part time in Safeway, has also really helped me learn about good people skills needed while working with other people. Both working by myself and more importantly in a team are very important to making sure things don't go wrong. When working in a team I learned that things go well only when there is good communication between myself and the team, as well as positive motivation. During my time in work experience and also in my part time job, I have certain deadline's to meet and for the work to be done completely for that deadline. Problem solving is on thing I need to challenge at my work and also at my football. As there are many quick decisions needing to be made in order to out smart my opponent. As for my work a different kind of problem solving is needed, as I need to be able to make correct decisions in the working place

While being at school in the last year, I had many responsibilities. I was nominated to be a prefect for my house. Being a prefect was a great privilege as I had to be very responsible as lead by example to the young half of the school. Many things which I had to do was help out at house assembles and sporting events. Organising the sporting events was so much fun and I was able to get an idea of what it was like to organise something which I was interested in. Another very proud moment for me was to be able to represent my school team as captain. To be successful in being a good captain, was to be motivational and also not using criticism towards my team mates instead I used encouragement. My main task in being captain was to make sure my team had a solid base and everybody knew what they were doing for the game. Also I had to make sure the managers game plan actually got through to the players. Attending BB's was a really enjoyable and very challenging too. It came with many different circumstances such as helping out a lot of people and also looking at the good things in life. The B.B camp was such fun too, as me being a group leader throughout my last year, I had to make sure I was in great shape both on appearance and in a physical context. As others would see me as an example to follow and I wanted it to be a good one

My hobbies and interests range from lots of different and challenging activities. I play football for Whitburn AFC at under19 level, where I play as a right midfielder which I enjoy immensely. I like socialising with many different kinds of friends. The things I enjoy greatly with my friends are playing pool at my local pool hall, where I am a member of. The cinema is a place where I go as often I can, as I am a huge movie fan, I like both action and other sorts and types of films. The thing I would say I do the most is listening to music; I like mainly rock music however my cd collect ranges from a wide selection of music. With my interest in music I go to see my favourite bands when they come on tour, I have been to five gigs so far in my life and have two gigs still to go to. The internet and computers is something I usually do with my spear time, but I would not say it's my main interest in life. Travelling to many different countries is a great experience; I have been to Spain, Belgium, Holland, France and even England. Spain has been a great experience as I go to a little town in Spain just outside Barcelona. It's different from going to the resorts in Spain, as hardly anybody speaks English, however I found that you can communicate with these people who speak a different language from me and I am still able to understand. Also meeting people from abroad is very interesting and also seeing how they live there life.


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