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Google, Index v.33 1972-1973 A-M

Google, v.53 1992 Nov pp.1297-1697

Google, v.54 1993 Aug pp.345-707

Google, v.53 1993 Mar pp.3019-3391

Google, v.54 1994 Apr pp.3617-3902

Google, v.52 1992 Feb pp.2731-3106

Google, v.51 1990 Jul pp.1-317

Google, Index v.55 1994-1995

Google, v.51 1991 May-Jun pp.3537-4303

Google, v.53 1993 Jun p.4109-4497

Google, v.53 1992 Aug pp.329-643

Google, v.52 1991 Jul-Aug

Google, v.51 1990 Aug pp.319-659

Google, Index v.33 1972-1973 M-Z

Google, v.53 1992 Dec pp.1699-2131

Google, v.53 1993 Feb pp.3577-3018

Google, v.53 1992 Jul pp.1-327

Google, v.51-52 1990-1992 Index A+B

Google, v.54 1994 Jun pp.4285-4611

Google, v.51 1990 Sep pp.661-1024

Google, v.53 1992 Oct pp.969-1295

Google, v.38-39 1978-1979 Sect A + B Author Index

Google, v.54 1993 Sep pp.709-1124

Google, v.52 1992 Jan pp.2297-2730

Google, v.52 1992 Jun pp.4119-4491

Google, v.51 1990 Nov-Dec pp.1417-2177

Google, v.54 1994 Feb pp.2767-3237

Google, v.52 1992 Mar-Apr pp.3107-3749

Google, v.38 1978 Jun pp.6989A-7617A

Google, v.52 1991 Oct pp.1109-1548

Google, v.53 1993 Jan pp.2133-2575

Google, Index v.56 1995-1996

Google, v.54 1994 May pp.3903-4284

Google, v.54 1994 Mar pp.3239-3616

Google, v.51 1990 Oct pp.1025-1416

Google, v.51 1991 Jan-Feb pp.2179-2899

Google, v.52 1991 Nov-Dec pp.1549-2295

Google, v.38 1978 May pp.6361A-6988A

Google, v.54 1993 Jul pp.1-343

Google, v.54 1993 Nov pp.1569-1975

Google, Index v.57 1996-1997

Google, v.52 1991 Sep pp.713-1108

Google, v.53 1993 Apr pp.3393-3699

Google, v.54 1993 Dec pp.1977-2352

Google, Index v.53-54 1992-1994

Google, v.57 1997 Jun pp.4963A-5325A

Google, v.57 1997 Apr pp.4167A-4567A

Google, v.57 1997 March pp.3713A-4166A

Google, v.57 1997 Jan pp.2707A=3292A

Google, v.52 1992 May pp-3751-4118

Google, v.57 1997 May pp.4569A-4962A

Google, v.57 1997 Feb pp.3293A-3712A

Index v.56 1995-1996

Index v.53-54 1992-1994

Index v.55 1994-1995

Index v.33 1972-1973 M-Z

Index v.33 1972-1973 A-M

v.38 1978 May pp.6361A-6988A

v.52 1992 Jan pp.2297-2730

v.54 1994 Jan pp.2353-2765

v.51 1991 Jan-Feb pp.2179-2899

v.51 1990 Oct pp.1025-1416

v.57 1997 May pp.4569A-4962A

v.51 1991 May-Jun pp.3537-4303

v.57 1997 Jan pp.2707A=3292A

v.53 1993 Apr pp.3393-3699

v.54 1994 Feb pp.2767-3237

v.53 1992 Nov pp.1297-1697

v.52 1991 Jul-Aug

v.52 1992 May pp-3751-4118

v.52 1992 Feb pp.2731-3106

v.53 1993 Jan pp.2133-2575

v.57 1997 Feb pp.3293A-3712A

v.57 1997 Jun pp.4963A-5325A

v.53 1992 Aug pp.329-643

v.54 1994 May pp.3903-4284

v.54 1993 Jul pp.1-343

v.53 1993 Jun p.4109-4497

v.52 1992 Mar-Apr pp.3107-3749

v.51 1990 Nov-Dec pp.1417-2177

v.54 1994 Jun pp.4285-4611

v.52 1991 Sep pp.713-1108

v.54 1993 Aug pp.345-707

v.51 1990 Jul pp.1-317

v.57 1997 March pp.3713A-4166A

v.51-52 1990-1992 Index A+B

v.54 1993 Dec pp.1977-2352

v.51 1990 Aug pp.319-659

v.52 1992 Jun pp.4119-4491

v.52 1991 Oct pp.1109-1548

v.53 1993 Feb pp.3577-3018

v.52 1991 Nov-Dec pp.1549-2295

v.54 1994 Mar pp.3239-3616

v.54 1993 Sep pp.709-1124

v.54 1994 Apr pp.3617-3902

v.57 1997 Apr pp.4167A-4567A

v.53 1993 May pp.3701-4108

v.53 1992 Dec pp.1699-2131

v.53 1992 Jul pp.1-327

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Japanese Language and Literature publishes contributions in the areas of Japanese literary studies, Japanese linguistics, and Japanese language and literature pedagogy, as well as articles from other disciplines that help interpret or define the problems of Japanese literary history, literary or linguistic study, or classroom practice. Occasionally, an issue contains several articles on a single topic and is designated a "special issue."

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The "moving wall" represents the time period between the last issue available in JSTOR and the most recently published issue of a journal. Moving walls are generally represented in years. In rare instances, a publisher has elected to have a "zero" moving wall, so their current issues are available in JSTOR shortly after publication.
Note: In calculating the moving wall, the current year is not counted.
For example, if the current year is 2008 and a journal has a 5 year moving wall, articles from the year 2002 are available.

Terms Related to the Moving Wall
Fixed walls: Journals with no new volumes being added to the archive.
Absorbed: Journals that are combined with another title.
Complete: Journals that are no longer published or that have been combined with another title.

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